Dear parents and students,

Welcome to join FASCA! 2021 FASCA Princeton & FASCA NY Training Camp application link and application rules are now ready! Attached please find the camp application rules and preliminary class schedule. Click link below to start on-line registration:

Registration link: https://forms.gle/BnH5mJ7U2sAnWYxZ6

This year the 2 days training camp is on August 7th and 8th (Saturday and Sunday). After completing the two days training, each new applicant will receive a 24 hours volunteer certificate at the end of training camp and officially become a FASCA member to join any FASCA activities!

All applicants require to have Gmail account, one Gmail per each applicant. Please follow the application rules and complete the online registration included uploading the application photo, insurance ID, school report card and/or supporting certificates, etc. The student photo is limited to the size of 120 x 150 pixels (please reduce the photo size first then upload).

Once completed online registration, please e-mail the application form and required documents to FASCA counselors for review. After review and acceptance by FASCA counselors, please wait for acceptance email confirmation, then mail hardcopy of application form, required documents and check (if pay by check) to Culture Center of TECO in NY(133-32 41st Road, Flushing, NY 11355). Thank you!

各位家長及學生 大家好,

歡迎加入我們FASCA行列!今年志工培訓營日期是8月7-8日。 隨附請見 2021 FASCA Princeton 及 FASCA NY培訓營新學員申請規則及培訓營活動初步課程表! 在完成兩天培訓後,每位新生將獲得由紐約華僑文教服務中心發的24小時培訓證明成為正式會員,並可以開始參加FASCA 的活動!

申請表電子連結: https://forms.gle/BnH5mJ7U2sAnWYxZ6

每位申請學生必須要有一個Gmail 電郵地址。培訓營採用電子申請,請學生家長遵照申請規則、進入連結在網上跟著步驟填完填表並請上傳學生照片、保險卡、高中成績單、獎狀等照片。上傳學生的照片要先縮小到 120 x 150 pixels再上傳

完成線上申請後,請將電子申請表連同所需文件電郵給諮詢導師審核。等待審核通過後會 email 通知家長下一步將文件及支票(若選此付申請費) 郵寄給文教中心的鮑璐玲小姐(133-32 41st Road, Flushing, NY 11355)。


FASCA Princeton Counselors

Tina Liu and Vincent Yang

FASCA NY Counselors

David Kwang and Yalin Weng




Culture Center of TECO in New York


Michelle Pao

TEL:1-718-886-7770 ext 106


133-32 41st Road

Flushing, NY 11355