Food Vendors

日期 Date 小吃預告 Food Vendor Forecast

***Due to closure of school, there will no vendors for remaining of school year 2019-2020***

Hope everyone is safe and healthy during this trying time!!

*requires advance order based on cutoff shown here - please use online ordering below.

Ashia Week Special. -週五晚上 5 點以前訂購 ( Friday, , before 5 pm)Amy粽子/肉圓Zongzi/Meatball 週三晚上8點以前訂購 (Wednesday before 8pm)正中牛肉麵 Beef Soup 週五晚上11點以前訂購 (Friday before 11pm)金華手工包子(Golden China Steam bun) 週四早上10點以前訂購 (Thursday before 10am)