Kid's Mid-Autumn Drawing Online Contest 2020

主辦機構Organizer:紐約人力中心中文學校 CMP Chinese School


l 歡樂的中秋節Happy Moon Festival

l 我眼中的中國城 Chinatown in My Eye

l 疫情下的生活 Life During the Pandemic

比賽週期 Duration


August 15 – December 5, 2020

比賽組別 Age Divisions

幼兒組 4歲至6歲 Age 4 – 6

兒童組 7歲至9歲 Age 7 – 9

少年組 10歲至16歲 Age 10 – 16

各組獎項 Each Age Group Award

一等獎/First Place 各一名 $100

二等獎/Second Place 各兩名 $80

三等獎/Third Place 各三名 $60

優勝獎/Honorable Mention 各4名 $30

入圍獎/Short Listed 各20名 $10


All the winners will also receive a certificate of honor, and have an album of selected art works.

評分標準 Scoring Methods


繪畫技巧與色彩/Skills & Colors


比賽辦法 Contest Rules

l 比賽活動免費,符合年齡的所有兒童均可報名參加 Enter for Free, all kids of the appropriate age can sign up.

l 繪畫紙尺寸 Paper size 8.5 X 11 普通打印紙,水彩畫、水粉畫、蠟筆畫、油棒畫、素描、速寫或兒童塗鴉等均可。Watercolor, gouache, crayon, oil stick painting, sketching, or children's graffiti, etc.

提交參賽作品方式 Submission

1. 請郵寄或親自提交作品到主辦機構人力中心中文學校Please submit art work by mail or in person to CMP Chinese School, 98 Mott Street Room 503, New York, NY 10013。請在作品背面寫上參賽者資料:中英文姓名、年齡、參賽組別、聯絡電話和住址/Participant’s information: Chinese and English Name, Age, Group, Phone and Address Write on the Back

2. 或請上傳作品電子稿到人力中心中文學校郵箱 . Or

upload art work to 上傳參賽作品要求有兩頁Upload including two pages:作品獨自一頁/Page 1, Art Work(用掃描儀生成JPEG格式圖片文件或用數碼相機/高像素手機拍成照片Scan or take photo with a digital camera /high-pixel mobile phone),第二頁/Page 2作品和參賽者資料合併拍在同一頁The art work and the participant’s information are combined on the same page.

活動安排 Arrangements

8月15日發佈比賽通知 August 15, Announcement.

10月28日截止收件(以郵戳日期為準)October 28, Submission Deadline by Postmark Date.

12月5日頒獎典禮暨畫冊發佈會 December 5, Award Ceremony and Album Release Conference.


王玉環Yu-Whuan Wang, 知名藝術家Well-Known Artist

鄧雅云Ya Yun Teng,法拉盛文化藝術協會華人社區發展主任Flushing Town Hall Community Outreach – Chinese Project Director

Jason Eisner, Working & Teaching Artist, The Tenement Museum

查詢電話和郵箱Contact information: 646-203-7716/347-925-4976,