The Culture Department consists of:

  • Culture Dean: Judy Hsu

  • Deputy Culture Dean: Ellie Sun

  • Teacher crew including 19 lead teachers and many student volunteers assisting the lead teachers

Our teachers are full of talent, enthusiasm, and patience. With their devotion and your encouragement, your children will enjoy a fun cultural environment in addition to the language classes they take every Saturday afternoon.

Teaching Objectives

After 2 hours of language classes, our students gets an hour of cultural exposure, mostly related to Chinese culture experiences. Those not related to Chinese culture is another channel for our children to socialize while getting a motor-skill or physical exercises. Our children look forward to this hour to relax and spend time with their friends while learning something new.

Contact Culture Department:

Judy Hsu: culturedean@mhcs-nj.org

Ellie Sun: culturedeputydean@mhcs-nj.org