Welcome to the 2018 – 2019 MHCS Culture Department. We would like to make special introductions for the following culture classes. Spots are still available for registration, come to room 120, our office to inquire about late registrations.

民族舞蹈 Chinese Folk Dance – (Age 5 -15) We had a great 2017-2018 school year with Renowned Chinese Folk Dance Teacher, Mina Chao 杜明娜*. Under her great teaching, the students did an awesome job both at the Chinese New Year Performance and the CACA fun day . Ms. Chao has many years of experience teaching Chinese folk dance and dance choreography. She currently also teaches Chinese Folk Dance at MJCS and RVCS.

*Mina Chao 杜明娜: 自幼跟隨多位老師習舞多年﹐豐富的表演經驗﹐參加舞蹈競賽﹐編舞創作﹐並長期進修舞蹈表演藝術﹐包括中國舞﹐古典及現代芭蕾﹐國際標準舞﹐現代舞﹐倘佯在舞蹈藝術相關的領域內﹐不斷地提昇自己。從事編舞及舞蹈教學多年﹐亦曾訓練模特兒走台步。現任教於數所中文學校民族舞蹈課﹐編舞及參加校內﹑外演出/比賽。

兒童唱遊 Children Singing Class - (Age 3-7) We are pleased to announce that our most popular Singing Class teacher, Jonan Cheng (鄧若男), will be leading the Singing Class this year once again! In this class, children gains exposure to Chinese language and culture/tradition through popular nursery rhymes and folk songs. Ms. Jonan engages the children through music, dance, finger play and fun games. Never a dull moment in this class!

兒童美勞 Arts and Craft - (Age 7+) – Sorry, this class is being cancelled due to low enrollment. Hope to reopen next year! Each student creates one artistic project per week. The class focuses on artistic exhibition and design crafts that involve detail and hand-eye coordination.

成人扯鈴 Adult YoYo Class – This class is taught by our very best YoYo teacher, Stephen Kuo (郭立中). The class is fun and therapeutic for the mind. It’s never too late to learn a new sport! The class requires a minimum 6 students to start, so grab a few friends and let the fun begin!

Eugenia Chiang

Please contact me at with any questions.

Welcome to MHCS Culture Department!

The Culture Department consists of:

  • Culture Dean: Julie Chen
  • Deputy Culture Dean: Ivy Lim
  • Teacher crew including 19 lead teachers and many student volunteers assisting the lead teachers

Our teachers are full of talent, enthusiasm, and patience. With their devotion and your encouragement, your children will enjoy a fun cultural environment in addition to the language classes they take every Saturday afternoon.

Teaching Objectives

After 2 hours of language classes, our students gets an hour of cultural exposure, mostly related to Chinese culture experiences. Those not related to Chinese culture is another channel for our children to socialize while getting a motor-skill or physical exercises. Our children look forward to this hour to relax and spend time with their friends while learning something new.

Class Sessions

Adult's Classes

Children's Classes

第(一)節課 Session I: 12:30-1:30pm

Adult Language and Culture Classes

All Language Classes

第(二)節課 Session II: 1:30-2:30pm

Adult Language and Culture Classes

All Language Classes

第(三)節課 Session III: 2:40-3:30pm

Some Adult Culture Classes

All Children's Culture Classes

學童文化班(Children's culture classes): 第三節課(Session III)

成人文化班(Adult's culture classes): 第一二三節課(Sessions I, II, III)

Class Schedule

Culture Class schedule for 2016-2017 school year

第(一)節課 Session I: 12:30-1:30pm

(Some Adult Classes may start 10 min late 12:40-1:30)

成人Zumba (Adult Zumba) - 1 hour

成人國畫 (Adult Chinese Painting) - 2 hours

成人插花班 (Adult Flower Arrangement) (10 or 16 lessons - No classes in the winter) - 1:10-3:30

成人太極拳 1 Beginner (Adult Martial Arts (Tai-Chi 1) 1 hour

成人太極拳 2 Intermediate Adult Martial Arts (Tai-Chi 2) 1 hour

成人排球 (Adult Volleyball) - 1 or 2 hours

成人籃球 (Adult Basketball) - 1 or 2 hours

第(二)節課 Session II: 1:30-2:30pm

(Some Adult Classes may start 10 min late 12:40-1:30)

成人扯鈴 (10 classes starting 9/10/2016) - 1 hour

成人太極拳 3 Expert Adult Martial Arts (Tai-Chi 3) - 1 hour

第(三)節課 Session III: 2:40-3:30pm

(Children’s culture classes unless otherwise indicated as “Adult”)

兒童唱遊班 (Singing)

兒童美勞 (Arts & Crafts)

兒童摺紙 (Origami)

兒童繪畫 (Drawing)

兒童國畫書法 (Chinese Painting and Calligraphy)

兒童素描/水彩畫 (Sketch/Watercolor)

兒童棋藝 (Chinese Chess)

兒童中國功夫 (Chinese Kungfu)

兒童扯鈴 (Chinese Yo-Yo)

兒童文化拼盤 (Culture Platter)

兒童桌球/羽毛球組合 (Table Tennis/Badminton)

兒童籃球 (Basketball)

兒童民俗舞蹈 (Children’s folk dance)