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語文班Language Classes: Sat 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

文化班Culture Classes: Sat 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm


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Open House and Pre-Registration - 5/13 and 5/20

MHCS Intro

Great news!  We are thrilled to introduce a new VOCAL/CHORUS/SINGING culture class for children age 7 and up for the 2017-2018 academic year.  The class will be taught by renowned Singing/Vocalist, Michael Wan (萬雪峰).  Mr. Wan was the bronze medalist at the 5th Chinese International Vocal Competition and currently coaches the adult chorus of the Chinese American Music Ensemble.  The class will expose children to a variety of music genre including Chinese/American folk songs and pop music performing in both solo and chorus style.   Limited space is available so sign up soon.  Look for the VOCAL/CHORUS/SINGING class on the registration form.

Order Zongzi (6/3 pickup)

Tug of War Signup (for 5/21 CACA Fun Day)

General Meeting#2

2016-2017 School Year Parent survey - please take a few minutes to provide your feedback.  Thank you!

Please keep in mind that there is NO EATING and NO DRINKING in the GYMs.  This includes water.  This is a mandate from the Watchung Hills Regional High School and please put everything back the way you have found them.    We truly appreciate your cooperation.  

學藝競賽得獎名單/MHCS Intramural Academic Contest Results


School Year 2016-2017

第一名1st Place

第二名2nd Place

第三名3rd Place


Kaelan Toya

蔡育澤Aidan Tsai



Alyson Chiang

林真韻Ella Lim

思昂Clare Peng


蘇盈安Iris Su

董誠庭Megan Tung


Ella Hargy



Zachary Chuck

包一秀Caitlyn Powell


Zoe Tseng


林忻蓓Lauren Lin

林佑東Austin Lin


Amelie Chan



Amber Hwang

鄭 享 桂 Flora Jeng

林 俐 媛 Emma Lin

黃 于 安 Emily Hwang


任右宸Johnathan Jen

李沛恩Anne Lee

譚智謙Sebastian Tham


曾羿博Wesley Tseng

陳卿軒James Chen

黃 婷 雙 Erica Hwang


蔡鎔陽Lillian Tsai

張志安Ryan Cheung

施正欣Olivia Shih


Jeffery Kou

廖禧安Annabel Liao

許振威Justin Hsu

雙語1A (BL 1A)

Keanu Kao

Kaleb Chou

Kya Wang

雙語2A (BL 2A)

Allen Bye

Julia Zurawski

Natalie Tom

雙語3A (BL3A)

何天佑Madden Ho


Lilah Nydam

Peter Shan

雙語4A (BL4A)

Alexander Ho

謝杏夏Anna Shick

Kara Liem

謝 繪 嫲 Emma Shick

雙語5A (BL5A)

Elise Shan

Sarah Mohamed

Liam Concha

雙語6A (BL6A)

蘇倫正Spencer Su

Preston Yen

陳雪微Victoria Chin

雙語7A (BL7A)


Mia Nydam

陳恆欣Helena Chan

雙語8A (BL8A)

陳雪欣Kaitlin Chin

黃嘉誠Michael Wong

 新澤西州中文學校2016 - 2017校際書法比賽

   第二組    第一名    許慧筠 Emily Hsu

  ANJCS 書法比賽於 4/30 在博根中文學校舉行. 本校五年甲班學生許慧筠榮獲第二組第一名.

 ANJCS 2016-2017 Calligraphy Contest

   Group B      1st Place    許慧筠 Emily Hsu

  ANJCS Calligraphy Contest was held in Bergen Chinese School on 4/30.  5A student Emily Hsu won the First Place in Group B.


Congratulations to our MHCS winners at  CACA Character Recognition Contest  on April 23, 2017 that took place at Raritan Valley Chinese School:




李冠霆 Zachary Chuck

B (中年組)


黃婷文 Amber Hwang

B (中年組)


李沛恩 Anne Lee

C (高年組)


蔡鎔陽 Lillian Tsai

C (高年組)


ANJCS Speech Contest Results - congratulations to Lauren Lin, winning 1st place in ANJCS Speech Contest

中年組  第一名  林忻蓓 Lauren Lin

ANJCS Karaoke Contest新澤西州中文學校2016-2017校際卡拉OK歌唱比賽 Results - Congratulations to all winners!

中年級組: 第三名:王安芝Valerie Wang

雙人組:低年組冠軍: Tiffany Hwang and Amanda Chan

中年級duet 亞軍:Cynthia Liang and Valerie Wang

高年級duet 冠軍:姜易安Eanne Chiang,姜易于 Evonne Chiang

2016 - 2017 MHCS Culture Contest Result
Drawing Contest 名次 Place 姓名 Name 班別 Class
幼年組 (Group A) 第一名 Madeleine Yao Madeleine Yao PK (小甲)

第二名 陳又齊 Jeffrey Chen K (大甲)

第三名 姚琳理 Lily Lappas PK (小甲)

低年組 (Group C) 第一名 鄭享琦 Gloria Jeng 3A (三年甲班)

第二名 陳又睿 Allie Chen 3A (三年甲班)

第三名 林佑宸 Aiden Lin 2A (二年甲班)

中年組 (Group B) 第一名 許慧筠 Emily Hsu 5A (五年甲班)

第二名 石文侖 Lauren J Bernstein 5A (五年甲班)

第三名 黃婷文 Amber Hwang 6A (六年甲班)

佳作 黃愛淩 Ellyn Wong 5A (五年甲班)

佳作 陳德曦 Christine Chen 6A (六年甲班)

佳作 包一秀 Caitlyn Powell 4A (四年甲班)

佳作 姜子婕 Jamie Chiang 5A (五年甲班)

高年組 (Group D) 第一名 姜易于 Evonne chiang 8A (八年甲班)

第二名 姜易安 Eanne Chiang 10A (十年甲班)

第三名 李沛恩 Anne Lee 7A (七年甲班)

Chess Contest 名次 Place 姓名 Name 班別 Class
高年組 第一名 陳浩霆 Justin Chan 9A (九年甲班)

第二名 陳浩林 Jason Chan 9A (九年甲班)

第三名 楊晏哲 Andrew Yang 9A (九年甲班)

2016 Karaoke Contest Results
 個人組 Solo  名次 Place  姓名Name  班別 Class
 高年組 (Group A) Solo  第一名  李玉鳳  Alison Lee  六甲
   第二名  姜易安  Eanne Chiang  十甲
 中年組 (Group B) Solo  第一名  任右宸 Johnathan Jen  七甲
   第二名  曾柔尹 Zoe Tseng  四甲
   第三名  王安芝  Valerie Wang  八甲
 低年組 (Group C) Solo  第一名  Lily Lappas  小甲
   第二名  陳奕蓉  Miah Fitzpatrick  三甲
   第三名  陳又齊  Jeffrey Chen  大甲
 雙人組 Duet      
 高年組 (Group A) Duet  第一名  姜易安 Eanne Chiang / 姜易于 Evonne Chiang  十甲/八甲
 中年組 (Group B) Duet  第一名  黃喬安 Joyce Hwang / 曾柔尹 Zoe Tseng  四甲/四甲
   第二名  黃于安 Emily Hwang / 曾羿博 Wesley Tseng  六甲/八甲
   第三名  包一良Alena Powell / 包一秀 Caitlyn Powell  六甲/四甲
 低年組 (Group C) Duet  第一名  黃婷珊 Tiffany Hwang / 陳嘉欣 Amanda Chan  四甲/ BL 4A

2016 CACA Speech Contest Results
2016 中美文化協會 校際中文演講比賽 (2016 CACA Speech Contest) was held at Mid-Jersey Chinese School on 12/3. All students did very well and had a memorable experience. Congratulations to our winners:
 Group B (B組)   曾柔尹 Zoe Tseng  2nd Place
 Group C (C組)  任右宸 Johnathan Jen  1st Place
 Group C (C組)  許慧筠 Emily Hsu  2nd Place
 Group D (D組)  王安芝 Valerie Wang  2nd Place
 Group CSL 3 (CSL 3組)  蘇倫正 Spencer Su  3rd Place
Special thanks to all the parents for their help and support in making the event a success!

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