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Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year edition

語文班Language Classes: Sat 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

文化班Culture Classes: Sat 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm


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6/18/16 - Graduation/Awards Ceremony and Fun Day/Ice Cream Social

Graduation - Gym 5/6

Fun Day (Please Register) - Gym 1/2 

Shaved Ice Cream Social and Movie for everyone - 2pm to 3:30pm (Student Lounge/Cafeteria)

Graduation/Award Ceremony: North Gym 5&6
Fun Day: North Gym 1&2

畢業典禮: North Gym 5&6
梅山園遊會: North Gym 1&2

​6/18 梅山畢業典禮 1:00~2:05pm
梅山畢業典禮,請各項比賽優勝的學生及青少年義工提早到North Gym 5&6 依指定座位坐好. 
請各班老師帶隊按時進禮堂. 畢業典禮於下午一點開始. 預計下午二點五分結束. 六年級以上的學生
才需要參加畢業典禮. 各語文班的第一名及各項園才藝比賽得獎的同學, 也將在畢業典禮中接受頒獎.接著舉
行校長交接儀式.希望家長們能到場觀禮. 並希望在一小時左右結束.其他的同學在老師發完暑假作業後, 
就開始我們的園遊會, 希望所有的小朋友都能參加.
6/18 梅山園遊會 1:00~3:00pm
六月十八日邀請您及您的家人來參加我們為您準備的 Fun Fair。學校準備了許多好玩的遊戲,免費的飲料,
及家人參加 , 已預先登記的唱遊班請至Gym 1&2 領取禮品兌換卡。其他登記的同學,請至其語文班領取禮
品兌換卡。沒有預先登記的其他同學也歡迎參加但不得兌獎。有問題請電郵至 FunDay@mhcs-nj.org 

6/18  Graduation/Award Ceremony 1:00-2:05pm
All attendees and students please arrive in the North Gym 5&6 and find a seat as soon as possible. 
All award winners please get there earlier. All teachers please follow the schedule and get there on time. 
The ceremony starts at 1:00, and will end at around 2:05 PM. All students grade six and older should 
attend. All First Place students, academic and cultural award winners will receive their awards. 
We hope the ceremony will end within one hour. Other students will go to our game day event 
after receiving summer homework. Hope all students can attend.
6/18  MHCS Fun Day 1:00-3:00pm
Fun Day will begin at 1:00pm. Please go to your language class first to pick up your personalized 
Fun Day Passport Prize Card. Guests and the Singing class only students should report directly 
to the North Gym 1&2 for their Fun Day Passport Prize Card.
Fun Day event is designed for 4th grade and below; older students and students who did not register 
for Fun Day may still play all the games, but are not guaranteed prizes.  We will however have snack 
bags for all the kids who participated in Fun Day.  For non-registered students, please pick up a game 
card at the check-in desk. Game cards with Fun Day stamps will be redeemable for a snack bag.

Please help spread the word about the MHCS Open House!

MHCS Open House (Discount for early registration. 早報名有折扣。)

Date: Saturdays, 5/14/2016 and 5/21/2016
Time: 1:00pm-3:30pm
Venue: Watchung Hills Regional High School

Enter via Regional Drive off Mountain Ave for North Building.

• 23 Language classes for native and non-native
speakers. (Pre-K to Adults)
• 17 Culture classes. (Chinese Painting, Chinese
Chess, Kung Fu, Yoyo, Sing and Dance etc.)

Download the flyer here.


MHCS 2016-2017 Pre-Registration

This will be the last week for you to pre-register and avoid the registration process fee ($15)/per person.  

Please register NOW and pay tuition in full by May 21st (this Saturday)!  Please submit the online 

registration form (check your email) and stop by the registration desk on May 21st to make the 

payment (cash or check). Please note, your registration is not completed until full payment is made.

NOTE: Language Class Grade for 2016-2017 will be assigned by MHCS based on the student's current grade. 

For detailed courses info including fee and schedules, please click here.


MHCS Library Is Open

We are happy to invite all MHCS children and parents to borrow Chinese books from the MHCS Library (we

have books for adults too!). The cart with the books will be alternating between two locations: 

outside room 111B (first floor), and outside room 304 (second floor). Come check out your favorite books. 

Tell us your favorite part, draw a picture about it, and we will post it on kids' newsletter.  Library forms are

available at the Other Files link on the left

MHCS Parents, help MHCS improve!  Please take our Parents' survey found here.


The slides for General Meeting #1, which was held 10/3, are available here.


New MHCS email group

Because of technical difficulties using the existing email group, we have to create a NEW group.
If you wish to receive MHCS newsletters and important announcements, please visit the website:
https://groups.google.com/d/forum/mhcs-all and click the "Join group" icon.


The MHCS school calendar has been updated for the new year and is available below.

2014-2015 MHCS Yearbook/年刊下载 is now available for download.  Click on the Year Book Download
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IMPORTANT MESSAGE from Watchung Hills Regional High School - Please read!
Murray Hill Chinese School teachers, parents and student should use the "North Entrance"
in the back of the school and should not use the front (South) 
entrance due to security reasons. Also, please do NOT park in the 
south parking lots.  We appreciate your cooperation and please help us by informing
others not to enter through the "South Entrance"

Moon Cakes are now available for order from the MHCS website. Click on the Web Store
link on the left, or click
 here.  Deadline for orders is Sep 3. 

Gym usage

Watchung Hill high school North Gym is still under construction.  
Please pay attention to the weekly announcements posted outside of the main office. We will be using
South Gym for most part of the Fall for those culture classes that take place in the gymnasium. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

請留意辦公室外的每週公告。今年秋天, 我們將使用南體育館


We are conducting a survey to measure interest in taking standard language tests -
TOCFL (Test of Chinese as Foreign Language 華語文能力測驗)
CCCC (Children's Chinese Competency Certification 兒童華語文能力測驗),
which are administered by the Ministry of Education's Overseas Chinese Language
Programs of Taiwan.  Click here to take our survey.

For more detailed information and sample tests please go to their LINKS:
Tests Info (http://www.edutwny.org/language-tests.html)
TOCFL Mock Test (http://www.sc-top.org.tw/mocktest.php)
CCCC Mock Test (http://cccc.sc-top.org.tw/)


Waiver Form

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