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Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year edition

2014 - 2015 學年度上學期

語文班 12:30pm - 2:30 pm

文化班 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Language Class: Sat 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Culture Class: Sat 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm


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祝大家新年快樂,羊年如意!  Happy Chinese New Year!

Due to the inclement weather in the forecast tomorrow (2/21), Watchung
Hills Regional High School will be closed.  There will be no Chinese
School on 2/21/2015.  MHCS New Year Performance as well as the New Year
Dinner afterwards will be postponed to 2/28/2015.

Saturday (2/28) will be our annual Chinese New Year Performance!

Please follow the links to see playbill and seating chart.


The 2015 MHCS Chinese New Year Dinner Party will be held after the New Year's
performance on Saturday, Feb. 28 from 4:30-6:30pm.  Download the registration form,
menu, and more info here.  Drop off completed forms with your payment in the office
with Ling Chow by Feb. 7 at the latest.  Please make checks payable to MHCS.


2015 Multimedia Contest Results


第一名 First Place

任右宸 Johnathan Jen

5A (五年甲班)

曾奕博 Wesley Tseng

6A (六年甲班)

第二名 Second Place  

黃婷文 Amber Hwang

4A (四年甲班)

黃婷雙 Erica Hwang

6A (六年甲班)

第三名 ThirdPlace

包一良 Alena Powell

4A (四年甲班)

第四名 FourthPlace

陳敏菱 Adelene Chan

5A (五年甲班)

陳愛凌 Amelie Chan

3A (三年甲班)


MHCS Cultural Contests:
Chinese Chess, Drawing and Chinese Calligraphy contests will be held on 3/7.
We are now accepting registration for these intramural cultural contests.
Please register online. You will receive an email confirmation in return.
This is not only to be environmentally friendly, but also to minimize error
in your registration.  Should the contest of each group within each category
be less than 4 people, the contest for that group and category will be
cancelled. The decision will be announced after the registration deadline.
Please contact culture deputy dean, John Huang,
with any questions. Thank you.  MHCS Cultural Contest rules and registration
details are in the online registration pages listed below.  Please register
by 2/21/2015

梅山學藝競賽: 繪畫, 棋藝, 書法比賽將定於3月7日, 請家長注意報名時間, 如期為您的
孩子報名. 若各組比賽人數不超過四名, 比賽將取消。 取消與否將於報名截止後公佈。 為
確保您的報名無誤, 請盡量用網路報名, 報名確認後, 副文化教務將以e-mail方式回覆確
認. 報名截止日2/21/15.逾期報名將酌收$5報名費。如果您有任何問題請連絡副文化教務黃
文忠 at
culturedeputydean@mhcs-nj.org ,謝謝。

Chess Contest Registration|象棋比賽報名表
Drawing Contest Registration|繪畫比賽報名表
Calligraphy Contest Registration|書法比賽報名表


Watchung Hill high school sports teams are going to have games and practice
sessions indoors, hence at times the gym assignments will have to change.
Please pay attention to the weekly announcements posted outside of the main
office. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

隨著冬天來臨Watchung Hill 高中的運動即將移至室內,因此影響部分文化課場地,


Multimedia Contest will be rescheduled.  Please stay tuned. 

2014-15 MHCS Multimedia Contest Registration

1/24/2015, 星期六下午1:30 - 3:30
報名截止日期:1/17/2015.  報名方式: 請將報名表填好交到辦公室(Room 120)給語文
教務劉立巧或 e-mail :LanguageDean@mhcs-nj.org, 或網路報名: (
link )

Contest Date/Time﹕
1/24/2015, Sat. 1:30pm ~ 3:30pm
Registration deadline﹕1/17/2015, please submit the registration form to Lie-chyau Liu (at school
office Rm120), or via e-mail: LanguageDean@mhcs-nj.org, or via online link.

比賽詳情 About the Contest - Rules and Regulation, please visit the school contests page.  Forms

and contest rules available for download at the bottom of the contests page.


Help Wanted!!

We need your help for the Chinese New Year Performance rehearsal on 1/31, and the performance and dinner 

on 2/21!! Please go to the Parent duty signup link from our school website to sign up. Thanks.

我們極需要您幫忙1/31新年預演、佈置2/21新年晚會及聚餐!! 請至梅山網站首頁,然後連結到 Parent duty signup



The CACA New Year Gala 2015 will be held on Saturday, March 7th, at Double Tree by Hilton, in Somerset. 

Please refer to the poster for details (link). 

Program highlights include:

    Fun (friends getting together)   

    Entertainment (professional performers

    Excitement (chances to win round trip NYC - TPE airline tickets)

    Music (HAPPY live band from Chinatown playing music from The Beatles to Lady Gaga) 

中美文化協會2015 (羊年)“新春飛揚”晚會將於三月七日(週六),

假Double Tree by Hilton, in Somerset 舉行,請大家別忘了呼喚親朋好友來共襄盛舉。(link)

CACA 每年舉辦的新春晚會,是一個,幾十年來在新州得到非常好口碑的活動。









***** We are conducting a survey to measure interest in taking standard language tests -
TOCFL (Test of Chinese as Foreign Language 華語文能力測驗)
CCCC (Children's Chinese Competency Certification 兒童華語文能力測驗),
which are administered by the Ministry of Education's Overseas Chinese Language
Programs of Taiwan.  Click here to take our survey.

For more detailed information and sample tests please go to their LINKS:
Tests Info (http://www.edutwny.org/language-tests.html)
TOCFL Mock Test (http://www.sc-top.org.tw/mocktest.php)
CCCC Mock Test (http://cccc.sc-top.org.tw/)


General Meeting #1 (9/20/2014) presentation slides
Parent duty signup on SignupGenius.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE from Watchung Hills RHS - Please read!
Murray Hill Chinese School is not allowed to use the front (south) 
entrance due to security reasons. Also, please do NOT park in the 
south parking lots.  Please make sure no one comes in or lets 
anyone in through that entrance.

Waiver Form

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